Supreme Court Grants Relief to Rahul Gandhi in Defamation Case

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Supreme Court stops Rahul Gandhi from going to jail for 2 years

The Supreme Court of India has stopped Rahul Gandhi from going to jail for 2 years for defamation. The court has also stopped Gandhi from being disqualified from Parliament.

The case against Gandhi was filed by BJP MLA Purnesh Modi in 2019. Modi said that Gandhi had defamed him and the entire Modi community by saying that “all thieves have Modi in their surname.”

A trial court in Surat convicted Gandhi in March 2023 and sentenced him to 2 years in prison. The court also disqualified him from Parliament. Gandhi appealed the conviction to the Gujarat High Court, but the court upheld it in February 2023.

Gandhi then appealed to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court said that it was stopping Gandhi from going to jail and being disqualified “in the interest of justice.” The court said that it would hear Gandhi’s appeal in detail at a later date.

This is a major relief for Gandhi. He will be able to continue to participate in politics and contest elections. He will also be able to return to Parliament, if the Congress wins the next general election.

The Congress party has welcomed the Supreme Court’s decision. Party leaders have said that it is a victory for truth and justice. They have also accused the BJP of using the courts to target political opponents.

The BJP has denied the allegations of political vendetta. Party leaders have said that the case against Gandhi was filed on merit and that the Supreme Court has upheld the conviction.

The Supreme Court’s decision is a significant development in the case. It will be interesting to see how the court rules on Gandhi’s appeal in the coming months.

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